Graham Pellettieri

Technology Director

Graham is the youngest son in the Pellettieri family, and worked for PAI as a construction foreman specializing in masonry work for more than 13 years while growing up in NH. He traveled across the country to attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles CA from 1999-2003, and graduated with a BA in music theory and composition. He went on to work in the Audio/Video industry in the Bay Area of CA, integrating automated technology solutions into high-end residential houses, (a.k.a. putting the “smart” in smart homes).

From 2012-2018, Graham was the Operations Director for an international consulting firm specializing in leadership development. During this time, he transitioned the company from a physical brick & mortar office building to a fully virtual, cloud-based environment. He built the core technology infrastructure for the consulting company and crafted a proprietary technology platform used for coaching executives in Fortune 500 corporations across the globe. His passion for technology and its practical application in real-world environments lead Graham to move back to NH and re-join the family business in 2018 as the Technology Director, where he is applying the use of augmented reality in landscape designs.

Graham enjoys camping, hiking, running, and mountain biking with his wife and dog in his free time. He also plays the violin and guitar, and likes building websites for small businesses.